Pastor Joe Carson

My call to Christian ministry and education began in 1999 while attending a Bible conference with my wife, Guin. The Holy Spirit revealed my need for sincere repentance and complete submission to Christ. When I responded to the evangelist’s invitation, a spiritual transaction occurred – possibly even genuine conversion, which I thought I had already experienced as a teenager. However, as I yielded to the Holy Spirit, I began experiencing deliverance from strongholds and doubts that had been plaguing me for over a decade. Through this experience, I began to sense a call to enter the ministry, and I enrolled in the Bible institute at our local church. After graduating from Bible institute in 2002 with a Bachelor of Divinity, my wife and I served in bi-vocational ministry as youth pastors and Christian school teachers. Along with ministry, we have owned and operated a small construction company.

In February 2015, I was invited to apply as pastor at Star Community Church (SCC). The elders and congregation graciously accepted and called me to their pastoral team in June of 2015. As a bi-vocational pastor, my primary responsibilities at SCC are preaching, teaching, discipleship, and outreach as time allows. I am also enrolled at Barclay College (Haviland, KS), with the end goal of eventually earning a graduate degree in theology.

My wife currently teaches at The Ambrose School and we have enjoyed almost 24 years of marriage. We have two adult sons, Trace and Ezra, and our youngest son Titus is entering his junior year in high school.

We are grateful to be a part of SCC and to serve alongside the believers in our church community as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

Pastors TJ & Denae Warren

TJ Warren serves part-time on the SCC preaching team, assists with all aspects of media along with a volume of various other tech-related responsibilities. An Idaho native, TJ was born into a broken family and raised by a small town of Bible-believing Quaker prayer warriors. Upon graduating Greenleaf Friends Academy, TJ attended Barclay Bible College and the College of Western Idaho in Nampa. TJ met his future wife in college and they soon began volunteering for ministry together at TJ’s home church. A year into his volunteer ministry, TJ was hired on as staff at SCC and has been serving in a bi-vocational capacity for nine years. When he is not at one of his two jobs, TJ loves gourmet grilling, winning board games, exploring the Northwest, and praying during Dallas Cowboys games. He describes himself as an adoring husband, father of three small gladiators and recovering- gamer with C level athletic skills.

TJ has a desire to communicate the gospel in a creative, compelling and relevant way.


Denae Warren is 1/3 of a bi-vocational Pastoral Team at Star Community Church, A Friends Fellowship.  She is on the preaching team, assists with administrative duties, supports SCC’s young adult group ministry, and contributes to event planning. She also can be found in the church nursery from time-to-time. When she isn’t working at the church, Denae works in development and specializes in non-profit fundraising.

Denae received her bachelor’s degree in Public Communications from Northwest Nazarene University which has equipped her to talk too much about religion and politics among other topics reputable persons usually avoid.  

Her ternary youngsters keep her energized in tandem with 4 shots of espresso at first light and sometimes even at sundown. Denae is a sushi champion, loves hunting chic home décor for her next volunteer event and is known for her espousal of BBC dramas.

Denae is blessed to work alongside TJ, her tall, dark & handsome gift and husband of ten years. God has placed in Denae’s heart a lifelong passion for His Church coupled with a desire to see women live out the Kingdom of God unreservedly. When she is not forced to listen to the latest Disney soundtrack by her offspring she enjoys theology podcasts, stand-up comedy, playing board games with ferocity and worshipping the Light of the World; Jesus Christ.  

Worship Leader Ellen Morse

With a background and education in music performance she has enjoyed being involved in the worship ministries since she was a teen.   Her experience leading worship music has grown both through her church experiences and leading music at women’s retreats to her 20 years working with developing youth music teams at Greenleaf Friends Academy.   Her feeling a call to music ministry sprang out of recognizing the way God speaks uniquely to His children through worship.  Music helps the believer know Jesus in a deeper and more profound way by the Holy Spirit’s presence, extending beyond words into the heart and soul.

Ellen and husband, Stan have three grown children, three grandchildren, two dogs and a “mini-farm” in Star.    

Little Miracles Director Sarah Dawson

Coming soon!